Forms and Documents - Downloads

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 Transcript Voucher (rev. 7/21/2017)
 Transcript Voucher (prior to 7/1/2017)
 Cook County Preliminary Hearing Voucher
 Cook County Preliminary Hearing Voucher (rev. 8/7/2017)
 Travel Voucher 2017 ($0.535/mile, effective 1/1/2017)

Resource Documents

 Administrative Regulations (revised 07/1/2017)
 Code of Conduct for Court Reporting Services Employees
 Standards for the Security of the Official Court Record (includes
court reporter note retention schedule)
 Formbook for Official Court Reporter Transcripts (2008)
 Top 5 Reasons to be an Official Court Reporter brochure
  (FOR ILLINOIS OFFICIALS ONLY) Realtime Library Booklet and Order Form
 How to look up online voucher payments

Employment Forms

 Address or Name Change Packet
 Affidavit of FEIN Number
 Annual Financial Disclosure Form
 CMS Benefits Forms (webpage)   
 Deferred Compensation Enrollment Form
 Deferred Compensation Change Form
 Direct Deposit Forms - please call or use the contact form to get these   
 Education Day Request
 Emergency Contact Form
 Employee Evaluation Form
 Employment Packet
 Headquarters/Residence Form
 Leave of Absence Request
 Leave Request
 Maternity/Paternity Leave Certification
 Monthly Timesheet
 Monthly Transcripts on Order
 Overtime Forms
 Per Diem Timesheet
 Photo ID Request
 Return from Unpaid Leave
 Sick Bank Membership/Donation

Job Descriptions

 Court Specialist
 Official Court Reporter 1
 Official Court Reporter 2
 Official Court Reporter 3
 Official Court Reporter 4

Court Orders

 01 - Appeals (standard, capital cases, post-conviction, juvenile delinquency, not for use on
mental health appeals)
 01 - Mental health appeal
 02 - Voir dire/jury selection
 03 - Arraignment, sentencing and/or waiver of counsel
 04 - Guilty plea or change of plea
 05 - Judgment and sentencing
 06 - Motion to reconsider and/or withdraw plea
 07 - Bail order appeal
 07 - Habeas Corpus
 07 - Other hearings
 07 -  Post-conviction petition
 07 -  Sexually violent persons

Exam Applications

 Computer Proficiency/Realtime Exam
 Part-A Officialship Exam
Illinois Official Court Reporters