Address and/or Name Changes

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Not all forms are required to be returned, and they are not all returned to the same office. The documents and links below represent forms necessary to change your name and/or address with Court Reporting Services, Office of the Comptroller, CMS, and State Retirement System.


Forms are updated often. Please report broken and inoperable links on the contact page. Thank you.

Payroll Forms for Address and/or Name Changes


The forms below should be FAXED to (217) 524-6875. This is a secure fax machine.



Beneficiaries (ONLY if you need to change beneficiary name or address):

  • Pension Beneficiary Designation - If you need to designate a beneficiary or wish to change a beneficiary designation, contact Minnesota Life at 1-888-202-5525.


Deferred Comp Forms - only needed if you are enrolled in this program.


Direct Deposit Forms

  • Only needed if your name and/or bank has changed. You need to send an email to request these forms.

Changes to insurance must be done through the State of Illinois Employee Benefit Portal. Keep in mind you may need to add/remove a dependent or make other changes to insurance due to "qualifying change in status" such as marriage:

If you have questions, or are having any issues with changes to your benefits, please contact payroll/benefits at (217) 557-0649.


Court Reporting Services Forms

IMPORTANT NOTE: The original forms below should be RETAINED by the Chief Judge's office with COPIES emailed (preferred) or faxed to Court Reporting Services (217) 557-0267. Please email us to let us know you faxed them.  We have switched to a virtual fax machine, and we do not always get notified when faxes come in.  Do not fax these form with the payroll forms listed above.






Certified Shorthand Reporter Licensing


NOTICE: If you are a licensed court reporter in the state of Illinois, do not forget to change your address and/or name with the Division of Professional Requlations or you may not receive your license renewal forms. 

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