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Welcome to Court Reporting Services!  We are happy you will be joining our team!  The information below is everything you need to complete to process your new employment and benefits.  These forms should be returned to your supervisor to be forwarded to the appropriate office. If you are looking for the Per Diem Employment packet, it can be found here.

Forms are changed often and sometimes links get broken. Please report inoperable links by using the contact form or by replying to your employment email.  Thank you.

Note to Supervisors: please read the "important reminders" below before submitting to make sure you are sending to the correct office.  Not all forms are required to be returned, and they are not all returned to the same office.


Required forms:

The above forms should be returned to your supervisor.

IMPORTANT REMINDER TO SUPERVISORS: Please FAX forms to Gillian Gabriel at (217) 524-6875 or upload to ShareFile and share a secure link to email to Gillian.  These forms have social security numbers on them, so please do not send through email.  


Benefits Choice Books - Use this link to review benefits available to you including health insurance, life insurance, dental/vision, flexible spending accounts, and more. Once you are ready to select benefits, contact MyBenefits at 1-844-251-1777. They will provide you with an employee ID to log into your online account, and register with a password of your choice. The representative can walk you through the process of enrolling in insurance/flex plans, or do it for you.  This employee ID is not the same one you will use on transcript vouchers.

NOTE: If you are covering dependents you will be required to provide copies of documentation showing a legal relationship, such as a birth certificate and/or a marriage license.  

Opt-Out Information - If you are covered under another health benefit plan and are electing to not participate in the State's health, dental and vision coverage, please visit this link for more information.  You can inform the MyBenefits representative that you will be opting out.  You must include a copy of the insurance card from your current benefit provider.

You should have been provided two different forms for direct deposit with your employment confirmation email. Both forms need to be completed and MAILED with a copy of a voided check or deposit slip attached to each one.  If you will not be preparing transcripts or traveling as a part of your employment, you may disregard the "commercial" deposits form.

The direct deposit forms (each with a voided check/deposit form) and pension beneficiary form must be mailed with ORIGINAL signatures to:

      Office of the Comptroller
      Attn: Gillian Gabriel
      325 W Adams Street
      Springfield, IL  62704

Deferred Compensation is a very beneficial 457 retirement plan. It is similar to a 401(k) plan, but it is for government employees. It is highly recommended that new employees sign with a minimum contribution of $10 per pay period or $20 per month.  Please review the links below for more information and to sign up.  These forms may be returned by fax with the payroll documents above.



Court Transcript Fees (CTF) - you will submit court transcript fee requests through this online system.  If you will not be submitting and/or approving transcript payments, you may skip this registration.  If you will be getting a work email address, and prefer to use that for this purpose, please wait until your email address is assigned.  If you have questions about if you will receive a work email, ask your supervisor.  For tutorial videos on how to register for and use CTF, please click here.

MyPayStubs - Payroll stubs are available online only.  You must register for an account after receiving your first check by direct deposit.  If you use the same email address as the CTF account above, after registering for both, they will share registration passwords so you will only need to remember one.  NOTE:  Please get approved and log in to the CTF system prior to trying to register for PayStubs.

ShareFile - Court reporters and court specialists who prepare transcripts are required to backup files at least once a month.  Click on the ShareFile link for more information and information on how to register.​  If you will not be preparing transcripts, you may also skip this step.



IMPORTANT REMINDER FOR SUPERVISORS:  The forms below should be provided to and RETAINED by the Chief Judge's office with COPIES faxed to Court Reporting Services (217) 557-0267 or uploaded to ShareFile and shared with a secure link.  Do not submit with the payroll forms listed above unless directed to do so.



The FOR EMPLOYEES section of our website contains many important things you will need to know during the course of your employment.  It will be important to familiarize yourself with these documents.  It is most important to review the following documents linked on the resource documents page:

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